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Discover the Palace! – educational activities for groups of all ages

Are you currently visiting Warsaw and would like to learn some interesting episodes from the history of the Commonwealth and its past greatness? If the answer is YES, then we would like to take you on an exciting time travel, which will shift us back to the 17th century, the time of King Jan III and Queen Marie Casimire. You will embark on an interactive voyage to the past of the Wilanów royal residence and its glory. We will also get you acquainted with the royal family and reveal secrets of one of the oldest and most beautiful baroque residence in Poland.

Children and youth are invited to the museum classes about the residences history and a natural environment of Wilanów gardens. Adult guests can take part in organized theme walks. We also invite our guests (over 7yo) to a calligraphy workshop. All educational activities are running by museum educators – experts in creating engaging and participatory visitor experiences. The museum classes, theme walks and calligraphy workshop are a great alternative to a regular touring of the museum intended for groups of all ages.


The Royal Family (Ages 4-6)

Who were the members of the royal family that resided in the palace in Wilanów in summer? How do we know that a given room belonged to the king or the queen? During the walk around the oldest part of the palace we will get to know all of the Sobieski family members and unravel funny nicknames given to the royal offspring by their father. We will discover in what way a palace is different from a castle and how royal family spent time in Wilanów. We will count who occupied more chambers – the king or the queen? We will move in the royal entourage with a colouring book and royal dolls made by an artist. The activities take place in the oldest part of the palace.

Green Expedition (Ages 4-9)

We would like to invite the youngest observers of the natural environment to an extraordinary expedition to the world of park nature. We will find out what plants and animals can be seen in Wilanów gardens and in its park, and we will learn how to distinguish them. We will discover how the animals adopt to the life on land (in the park) and in water (in Wilanów Lake). We will also wonder if plants and animals are useful to the people. When the weather is fine, the activities take place in the gardens and if it does not favour any walks, they are held in an educational room in their entirety.

A Visit to the King (Ages 7-12)

The visit will enable you to see, among others, His Majesty’s Bedroom, Library and the Grand Vestibule. You will find out what Jan III used to read, and what he liked to do most. You will also meet his beloved wife Marie Casimire and hear different stories from the lives of the royal offspring. While doing various assignments, listening to anecdotes and titbits, „A Visit to the King” will help you to familiarize with the Sobieski family.

The Palace Interiors and their Symbolism (Ages 13-18)

Get bewildered by fine baroque plafond paintings, lavish gilding and stucco decorations, marble floors, sculptures and Genoese velour. In short, an absolute feast of colours and shapes awaits all those interested in the palace and its secrets and riddles. You will find out where and how the royal family lived. You will try to identify the symbolic meanings conveyed by the Four Seasons depicted on plafond paintings in the royal apartments. Finally, you will be able to solve the riddles behind the Sobieski family portrait.


History and Symbolism of Palace Interiors (Adults)

While walking around the oldest part of the palace, we are going to discover visions, plans and ideas of Augustyn Locci, a court architect. We are going to see the portraits of the family Sobieski, renovated royal apartments, ancient vases and the most precious works of art coming from Stanisław Kostka Potocki’s collection presenting various historic styles and epochs. When analysing Michelangelo Palloni’s frescoes and Jerzy Siemiginowski’s famous plafonds, we are going to open a discussion about the meanings of mythological allusions in the symbolism of Wilanów Palace’s interiors.

Wilanów Gardens (Adults)

„Enjoy here sweet oblivion from life’s troubles”, the quotation taken from Horace’s poem perfectly captures the ideas of creators of the garden, the inseparable part of Wilanów residence, and at the same time, it invites the guests to discover the diversity of Wilanów gardens, written down both in their history and in their nature. Subsequent palace owners shaped the surrounding area according to the latest trends, making use of the advantages which Wilanów position offered and paying attention to the fashion of the time. Thanks to that, a walk around Wilanów gardens is also a walk through history of gardens in general.


Calligraphy - (un)forgotten Art (over 7yo)

Let’s discover the artistry of drawing letters in English handwriting! The main advantage of this type of handwriting, which is currently known as modern italics, gave and still gives the possibility of quite fast writing and easiness of reading. English handwriting became the type of handwriting which was widely used in King Jan III’s times. The individual letters are narrow and legible and, at the same time, have quite decorative shapes. A simplified version of English handwriting is taught at schools. Nevertheless, after a few years we start to have our own handwriting and forget about the appropriate gradient, concavity, decorativeness of letters etc. During the workshop we will sit at the wooden stands and try to write both with a quill pen and with a nib in a penholder. Workshops take place in an educational area and are not connected with a palace visit.

Useful information:

Fee for museum classes and workshop for children and youth: 
10 PLN/participant + 150 PLN/group*

Fee for theme walk in the palace and workshop for adults: 
20 PLN – regular ticket or 15 PLN – discount ticket/participant + 150 PLN/group*

Fee for theme walk in the park for adults: 
5 PLN – regular ticket or 3 PLN – discount ticket/participant + 150 PLN/group*

*Group cannot be bigger than 25 people. It is recommended that bigger groups should be split and their visits to the palace interiors should be organized with 15-minute intervals.

Educational activities take up to 90 minutes and are held in English. For availability in other languages please contact our Reservation Office.

t: (+48) 22 5442 850 (Weekdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)
m: tickets@muzeum-wilanow.pl

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